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Grumpy Plum

IG: grumpy_plum

[Laurel, bottom left; Tallulah, bottom right; Mattie, top center]


Grumpy Plum was founded by front-person Tallulah Swasey in early 2019 after deciding to take her singer songwriter performances up a notch. In the early stages of writing, Tallulah performed some of the youngest Grumpy Plum songs as just an acoustic act. At one Mahall's performance, she met who would then be the first drummer and bassist of the band. Only 4 months after forming the trio had decided to record 4-track EP ‘Don’t Yell At Me’ at Superior Sound with Jim Wirt. Before the pandemic, Grumpy Plum began building their name around Cleveland by playing shows almost every week and eventually took their first mini-tour to Chicago and Detroit. As covid hit, shows ceased but thanks to Tiktok and Tallulah’s boredom during the shutdown, ‘Dollhouse’ quickly grew its streams into the millions as they reached cities and countries around the world. 


In March of 2020, the trio had just begun recording their sophomore EP, ‘Would You Tell Me?’, which the band wouldn’t end up finishing until the following August as businesses began to open up again. Through social media, the band retained presence through Instagram and Tiktok livestream performances. 


The band solidified its lineup in May of 2021 with Tallulah, Mattie, and Laurel, and their first official release together single, ‘Everything is Fine’. The band has since released their first 9-track album titled ‘Real Tough Guy’. The independently run, female-fronted group has continued to grow their following to over 50,000 across social media platforms and seeks out new ears and audiences. Grumpy Plums most loved performances include Brite Winter Festival 2022 and 2023, and Rock the Halls at the House of Blues Cleveland. Their music is best described as brutally honest, soft but loud, funny but devastating.


WRUW 91.1 LIVE from Cleveland

An Interview with Grumpy Plum: The worlds Cutest Band

Playing M.A.S.H. with Grumpy Plum

Defining Cleveland's Grumpy Plum


Past Performances


1/2/19- Grog Shop with Ulysses CLE

2/8/19- Five O’Clock with Mopi Dykk CLE

3/9/19- Mahalls main stage with Distracted CLE

3/23/19- Mahalls locker room headline CLE

3/24/19- Mahalls locker room with Satellite Era CLE

6/14/19- Stella’s with TRVSS CLE

6/30/19- EP Release with Punch Drunk Tagalongs CLE

7/12/19- Happy Dog with Shelter Pup. CLE

7/14/19- Blank Slate with Tetchy CLE

7/19/19- One Small Step at Avenue Taphouse CLE

7/20/19-Now That’s Class with Xanny Stars CLE

8/10/19- Blank Slate with Oroboro CLE

8/17/19- Record Breakers in CHI

8/18/19- Pheonix510  DETROIT

8/23/19-Big Room Bar CBUS

9/13/19- Symposium CLE

9/29/19- Beachland Tavern CLE

10/25/19- Halloween Party at Mahalls CLE

11/12/19- Happy to Dog CLE

12/7/19-Happy Dog CLE


1/5/20- Mahalls CLE

1/10/20- Mahalls CLE

2/1/20- EuroGyro KENT

2/21/20- Symposium CLE

3/6/20- Fort Wayne IN

3/7/20- Columbus OH

3/20/20- Mahalls CLE

3/21/20- Grog Shop CLE

4/5/20-Beachland Tavern CLE

4/10/20- Winchester CLE


6/12/21- market ave wine barCLE 

7/9/21- Grog Shop CLE

7/10/21- Foundry CLE

10/3/21- kling thing AKRON

10/26/21- Mahalls CLE

11/27/21- Grog Shop CLE

2/16/21 - Grog Shop CLE


2/26/22- Brite Winter Fest CLE

4/1/22- BGSU bloomfest CLE

4/2/22- April reign at BW CLE

4/5/22- Mahalls CLE

5/11/22- Mahalls CLE

5/14/22- The Summit CBUS

6/25/22- Larchmere Porchfest CLE

6/30/22- Pride Prom CLE

7/8/22- Rock Hall CLE

7/17/22- Birdhouse CLE

7/23/22- Happy Dog CLE

8/2/22- Mahalls CLE

8/20/22- Happy Dog CLE

9/9/22- Coda Tremont CLE

9/10/22- Heights Music Hop CLE

10/1/22- Grog Shop CLE

10/7/22- SoFar Sounds CLE

10/29/22- Musica AKRON

12/17/22- Happy Dog CLE


2/3/23- Beachland Tavern CLE

2/25/23- Brite Winter Fest CLE

4/2/23- Mahalls Apartment CLE

5/11/23- Live! From Cleveland 91.1 CLE

7/14/23- Grog Shop Album Release CLE

7/28/23- Beachland Tavern CLE

8/18/23- Mahalls CLE

9/1/23- Mahalls Apartment CLE

9/24/23- Ingenuity Fest CLE

11/8/23- Beachland Ballroom CLE

11/18/23- A&R CBUS

12/16/23- House of Blues CLE


1/5/24- The Roxy CLE

2/16/24- Lekko Coffee CLE

3/23/24- Rock n Roll HoF EmpowHER CLE

4/7/24- Mahalls w/ Small Crush! CLE

4/20/24- The Grog Shop CLE

4/21/24- Little Rose Tavern CLE

5/7/24- Beachland Tavern w/ Bad bad hats CLE

5/11/24- Happy Dog CLE

5/17/24- Bookclub CHICAGO

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